Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

Choosing the Right Video Conference Tool

Wondering with video conference software to use? There are plenty of options available, but not all of them are equally privacy-friendly.

We helped the South West Cyber Security Cluster (SWCSC) to create a selector that helps you to select the best video conferencing tool for your business based on features and a cybersecurity and privacy assessments by the SWCSC.

Just use the `text filters’ to narrow the list to meet your needs. Read the column header notes (hover over and click) to understand the basis of each assessment. Access the selector.

In addition to selecting a secure and privacy-friendly video conferencing tool, you might also want to establish a few best practices, e.g.:

  • Do not publish screenshots of your meetings, they
    • might reveal meeting ids or passwords
    • violate the privacy of the participants (if you want to publish a screenshot showing participants, ask for permission)
  • Do protect your meetings with a password and/or a lobby (and check whom you do admit)
  • Do not host public meetings using your personal (private) meeting room
  • You might want to blur or hide your background, if you use a camera
  • Only the presenter(s) should be able to share screens and/or take over control of the meeting (admitting people, etc.)