Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

OCL Emerging Trends - 2019 Edition

After a successful 19th edition of the International Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling in Munich the proceedings are now available online, as Volume 2513 of the CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

The proceedings also include a summary of the discussion of the expert panel and lightning talk session [1], in which three experts on OCL and textual modelling presented their ongoing works.


1. Brucker, A. D., Daniel, G., Gogolla, M., Jouault, F., Christophe Ponsard, Ramon, V., and Willink, E. D. “Emerging Topics in Textual ModellingOCL 2019 2513, (2019): 91–104. URL: