Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

A LaTeX style for self-archiving copies of papers

Luckily, an increasing number of publishers allows authors of (academic) papers to publish a pre-print of their accepted papers on their personal website or their institutional website. This eases access to those papers significantly, as the “official” version on the publishers’ website is often behind a paywall. Most publishers require that the pre-prints published by the author contain a statement referring to the official version.

Thus, the only remaining questions is: how to produce a pre-print containing this reference with as little effort as possible. If you are using LaTeX for writing your papers, authorarchive package might be the solution.

Adding the self-archiving note to a paper formatted with Springer’s LNCS style is as easy as adding

to the preamble of your paper. The package also supports advanced features such as adding bibliographic entries (e.g., for BibTex) into the final PDF.

The LaTeX package “authorarchive” is a LaTeX style for producing author self-archiving copies of (academic) papers. It is available on CTAN and development versions are available in the authorarchive git repository. The package is dual-licensed under a 2-clause BSD-style license and/or the LPPL version 1 or any later version.