Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

Release: Isabelle/DOF 1.3.0

We are proud to announce the release of Isabelle/DOF 1.3.0. Isabelle/DOF is a Document Ontology Framework on top of Isabelle 2021-1. Isabelle/DOF allows for both conventional typesetting and formal development.


The most important user-visible changes are:

  • Isabelle/DOF is now a proper Isabelle component that should be installed using the isabelle components command. The installation script is now only a convenient way of installing the required AFP entries.
  • The tool mkroot_DOF has been renamed to dof_mkroot (and reimplemented in Scala).
  • The project-specific configuration is not part of the ROOT file, the formerly used isadof.cfg is obsolete and no longer supported.
  • Removed explicit use of the document/build script in favor of reimplementing its functionality in Scala as an Isabelle/DOF specific document generator.

Migrating Existing Projects

The following steps need to be executed to migrate existing projects from older version of Isabelle/DOF:

  • If your ROOT file does not contain the option document_build = dof, add it.

  • The script document/build should be removed and its entry in the ROOT file deleted.

  • The configuration (i.e., which ontologies to use and which document template to use) needs to be upgraded. For example, if you document/isadof.cfg looks as follows:

    Template: scrreprt-modern
    Ontology: technical_report cenelec_50128

    The options of the corresponding ROOT file needs to be updated to include:

      dof_ontologies = "Isabelle_DOF.technical_report Isabelle_DOF.cenelec_50128", dof_template = "Isabelle_DOF.scrreprt-modern",

    Thereafter, the file document/isadof.cfg should be removed nd its entry in the ROOT file deleted.


Isabelle/DOF 1.3.0 is available for Isabelle 2021-1: