Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

Blockchain in Transport

Everybody seems to talk about the disruption Blockchains (or, more general, Distributed Ledger Technology) brings. Still, the number of really convincing applications outside of crypto-currencies is not always clear. In a research project together with the Transport Systems Catapult and the Management School, we looked at the use of Blockchains in transport scenarios.

The result of this collaboration are now online as Transport Systems Catapult Report **Blockchain Disruption in Transport: Are You Decentralised yet?. In this report, we explore how distributed ledgers could disrupt the transport sector in the coming years. The report is based on an literature review as well as insights gained from stakeholder engagement, e.g., interviews with experts from the transportation domain. As distributed ledgers is clearly not the silver bullet for all problems, we also discuss common misbeliefs, e.g., with respect to the security implications of distributed ledgers.