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PhD School on Secure Enterprise Systems

Looking forward to a great week in Trento attending the SECENTIS PhD Winter School on Security and Trust of Next Generation Enterprise Information Systems. It will be a week full with interesting lectures on building security and privacy-aware enterprise systems.

The topic and speakers are:

  • Davide Balzarotti (Eurecom, France): Web Application Security
  • Stefano Di Paola (MindedSecurity) AppSec Industry Directions: Opportunities and Hurdles, An Overview Over Time and Space From An Insight Angle
  • Sandro Etalle (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands): Cyber Attacks And Cyber Defences
  • Cédric Hebert (SAP, Sophia Antipolis, France): End-To-End Secure Development in Practice
  • Günter Karjoth (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences): Data Privacy In The 21st Century
  • Anders Møller (Aarhus University, Denmark): Static Program Analysis

I will give a talk entitled Static Analysis - The Workhorse Of A End-To-End Security Testing Strategy in which I provide an broad overview of static program analysis and also report on the experiences in using static analysis at SAP.

Supplementary Material:

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