Posted on by Achim D. Brucker, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

Software Assurance & Security Made in Sheffield

After eight years of innovating and driving security at SAP SE and helping the SAP development organization to become great in software security (guys at SAP, you are doing a great job!), it is time for new challenges: I am making a “double move”, first, from industry to academia and, second, from Germany to the UK.

Today, I am starting a “new life” as Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at The University of Sheffield, heading the Software Assurance & Security Research Team. While I am looking forward to have more time for basic research, e.g., working on theoretical and formal topics, I do not want to loose ties to industry. Thus, also applied research and industrial applications are an important part of my research agenda.

The particular strength of my team is the deep understanding of theory and practice and, thus, being able to bridge the gap between theory and practice as well as between industry and academia. We will work on all kinds of aspects of developing secure, reliable, and resilient software (and hardware) systems.

Let’s stay in touch and I am looking forward to collaborations opportunities with all of you – regardless if you are working in industry or academia and regardless if we already worked together or not!